Evidence of life after death has been explored by TV programmes and the media and has now become more mainstream. Spiritualism, however is not new, and our aim is to provide you with more information to make an informed decision about what being a spiritualist really means. We aim to make this an interactive site, so that new comers and regular church users can be kept up to date with all our activities, events and news. The Church is available for Blessings, Naming ceremonies, Weddings and Funerals or they can be arranged.

President: Andy Wheeler

Vice President
: Alec Peirce

Committee Members

 Vicky Misselbrook


Mediums Secretary:
 Sarah McLauchlan contact via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Sue Taylor

Joan Brooks
Francis Brooks
Pat Palmer
Julie Wheeler
Heather Dinan
Sally Curtis
Ron Williams

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* The Speakers/Demonstrators listed may change at short notice due to unforeseen circumstance *